Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Christmas without Snow

Of course I KNOW the real reason for Christmas. And I'm so thankful that God sent his Son to live on earth and ultimately take the punishment for my sins. But I guess I'm just a nostalgic at heart.
When Hannah was younger she use to think that snow meant Christmas. I still think that snow means Christmas. Sure, there were many years that we didn't have snow at Christmas whether we were in Colorado or Vermont, but there was always hope. And it was always cold. When "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" came on the radio, it was true. You could dream and hope for a white Christmas. Living in Southwest Florida pretty much puts the kabosh on any hope of snow.
I spent the day Christmas shopping today...6 days before Christmas (I'm a little behind this year). I did it in my flip flops, capri pants, and short sleeves. Passed several garage sales on my way into town. (Yeah, people were actually shopping at garage sales in the middle of December.) Summer hasn't ended, how can it possibly be Christmastime.
So this year, the best we can hope for is weather under 80, and maybe a little less humidity. Perhaps we'll drive out to the Gulf and walk on the beach. Maybe we can pretend that the sand is snow.

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