Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Who I am

In case you don't already know....

My name is Shari Glass. I live in Onsted, Michigan (which is in the SE corner of MI) with my husband Brian, kids Micah and Hannah, 1 dog, 3 cats, and 1 hamster. We've lived in this part of MI since 1996. I grew up in MD, CO, and VT (so why am I in SE MI?) I taught elementry school in small, private, multi-grade schools for 6 years and then retired to be a full time mom.
We are members of Crossroads Community Church in Adrian, MI and that pretty much sums up our life! I am part-time staff at Crossroads as one of the Kid Crossing (Children's Ministry) directors. We have fun, creative, relevant, Biblically based programs for the kids of Crossroads. It's a blast, and there's nothing more exciting than knowing you played a part in leading a child to Christ.
In my free time (what's that?) I like to scrapbook and read. And I love horses. My son has recently been taking riding lessons which gives me a small horse fix each week. I also like to garden, but we haven't yet gotten our veggies planted for this year.
That's pretty much my life in a nutshell! Hope you enjoyed it:)

Saturday, May 14, 2005


I have been thinking a lot about attitudes today. Probably because for a while mine wasn't very good. I recently attended the PDCM (Purpose Driven Children's Ministry) conference at the Saddleback church in California (which is where Rick Warren is the pastor). One of the key phrases we heard over and over again was "The attitude you choose is the attitude you use." Think about that for a while....

I know it's true for me! Today I was feeling overwhelmed and time was running out for a project I needed to get done. My natural desire at times like that is to just throw it all up in the air and not do anything. But I didn't really have a choice. I thought about that line "the attitude you choose is the attitude you use." My first thought was that I didn't want to choose a good attitude! (and that's not the first time I've thought that.) So, I went and took a break - actually I took a nap - then I got up and wrote two permission slips, read and edited a script, and now I'm even blogging! And I feel so much better about it all.

I guess my point here is that we need to choose our attitude. And if we can't choose the right attitude, maybe we need to take a break, or do something different for a bit. Take a nap! So, maybe you don't feel like jumping around during the songs in Children's church - what's your attitude? Try looking at it a different way - you might discover when you choose a different attitude, it's a lot more fun. So the lesson doesn't get you excited? Look at your attitude. Then take another look at the lesson. Sometimes we get an opinion about something and decide that thing is bad or won't work. I'll admit to getting stuck in that rut on more than one occasion. Try changing your attitude. I can guarantee it will change your outlook and quite possibly your opinion. The attitude you CHOOSE is the attitude you USE!