Friday, November 14, 2008

The reason I don't blog

is that actually I do blog. In my head. Almost every day. And that is the reason I don't blog. Because if I don't blog what I've already thought about blogging then I get too far behind and can't blog because I haven't blogged all my thought blogs and can't start a new blog with all the other thought blogs unfinished.
So there!

The end of the craziness

I'd like to say I've been so traumatized by the marathon that I can only now write about it...but that would only be to cover up what a horrible blogger I am :)
We did run (some of) and finished the Chicago Marathon in October. Managed to come in 29,500 and some odd (can you tell I wasn't to crazy about memorizing my place) out of 31,000 some odd finishers. Brian and I were together almost all of the time and crossed the finish line together. It got really hot towards the end...but perhaps that's because our time stretched out to 6 hours and 15 minutes..oh boy. We ran the first 14 miles, walked the next, ran about another mile, and mostly walked the rest. My left leg, knee, and hip kept cramping up whenever I'd try to run very much. We did make a good show and ran the last 1/4 mile :)
The WORST part was crossing the finish line and then having to walk yet ANOTHER mile to get to the meeting place, and then walk almost 2 miles back to the place we stayed. Yeah, I know, it was good for us to keep going....
So it's over. I'd hoped to do a little better...coming in 29 thousand and some doesn't do much for the ego :) But we did finish! Can't say we'll do it again.
Next summer we're contemplating hiking a fourteener (mountain that is over 14,000 feet high) and maybe hiking some of the continental divide trail.