Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Getting Relevant with a Wii

One of my big "take aways" from the weekend with Aaron is that I need to get way more relevant with what kids are in to. Aaron gave us a 10 question "quiz". Everyone else who was there got between 6 and 9 correct. I, on the other hand, failed miserably with only 3 correct!
So I'm now beginning on my quest to "get a clue".
First order of business: Get a Wii! Actually we already had one coming and received it on Monday. It's officially Micah's, but I'm getting my fair share of time in. So far I think the sports stuff it comes with is boring, but I'm enjoying Rayman Raving Rabbids! I guess I'll have to try TMNT in the next day or two.
Next week I'll write about the other ways Aaron suggested we get relevant and why it's even important.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Aaron Reynolds at Kid Crossing

We had an awesome time this past weekend with Aaron Reynold's at Kid Crossing. Aaron came from the Chicago Area to spend some time with us in Workshops and Consulting. I think everyone who spent time with Aaron was challenged and encouraged.
Bottom line: There's a lot of good things happening in Kid Crossing (which includes Kid Fusion). We've got a lot of potential. And we've got a lot to learn yet. We need to work on our Intentionality (planning and creating - not the week or day before) and I need a leadership team. I can not effectively lead Kid Crossing on my own, as I am currently attempting to do.
Stay tuned for more info from Aaron's time with us in the coming days!