Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God's Plans

Ever wondered why God's plans are not the same as our plans? Or better yet, ever KNOW that God has His perfect plan for your life, but still try to make your own plans? Seems like that's what I'm always doing.
This past Sunday at Summit Church, Naples, one of the pastors, Orlando Cabrera, talked about not dwelling on where you were right now, but looking at God's greater plan. Then at the Starting Point class I attended Sun. evening we read Psalm 139 about how God created us perfectly and with a perfect plan. It's such an awesome chapter, and it sounds so good... So why is it so hard to remember when push comes to shove...
For Example:
I hate that we are living in Florida. I want to cry when I walk out my door on the 2nd to last day of Sept. and it's over 90. I want to cry every time I see a picture from last fall, of our family hiking in the mountains. For that matter I want to cry everytime I see a picture of mountains... I've even taken to thinking about people back in Michigan, and how Sarah will never get to know their love...and I don't even WANT to move back to MI. I plan on how we are going to move in about 2 years, down to almost, but not quite making a countdown the month calendar. And the list goes on.
But then I remember that God has a perfect plan for my life and that my family. That God brought us to this place for some reason. I know that I need to focus on God and not where I am living. On God's plan and not what I have or don't have.
And so I try to remember that when I'm hating Florida or missing fall. Can't say that I'm very good at taking it to heart yet. But hopefully as I keep telling myself and reminding myself, and letting God control things, it will become easier.
In the meantime, I think I'll still put in a special request that His plan lead us back to Colorado in the not too distant future :)