Sunday, November 08, 2009

A 7 y/o's life plans

This was Hannah's conversation with Micah and me the other day. As with many conversations with Hannah, it came out of the blue...wasn't anything we had been talking about!

Hannah: "When I grow up I'm going to marry a guy so he can make all the money and do everything."
Micah: "Well, you can't marry me."
Hannah: "I know that! Maybe I'll marry Daddy."
Micah: "You can't marry him either. He'll be retired by then."

Baby vs. Violin

So, who do you think can be louder a baby crying or a 10 year old boy screeching, I mean playing, the violin?
First the details: I work with Micah as he practices everyday. Somedays we get in practice while Sarah is sleeping, but most of the time she hangs out with me while Micah plays. A lot of our practicing is done along with a CD. One last minor detail: Sarah cries (that's putting it mildly) a lot.
Let the competition begin: Friday we sit down to practice and Sarah hasn't been happy. After a couple warm up pieces we get ready to work on a new song and Sarah is in a full blown screaming fit. Sarah's screaming; the CD is playing; I'm telling Micah which notes he's suppose to be playing; and finally Micah puts down his violin and in exasperation says "Mommy, I can't hear anything over Sarah!"

Baby wins! The prize is a trip to her crib so we can sort of hear ourselves think. The amazing part is Sarah quieted right down, and laid there contentedly for quite a while.