Thursday, May 03, 2007

My children are being currupted

So, Tuesday was muffins with Mom at Hannah's preschool. We got to go in, get our hands painted for a craft and enjoy muffin, coffee (for me), and juice (Hannah). It was really a fun 30 minutes. But here's the thing:
Hannah and I were sitting on the floor enjoying our muffins and drinks. She asks "Mommy, did you bring your camera?" All of a sudden guilt hits. Wow, big preschool event, I make an attempt to scrapbook, and I didn't bring the camera. No, I tell her feeling really bad. SHE, points to her napkin spread out with muffin on one side, cup of juice in the middle, and muffin wrapper on the other side and says "That's too bad, this would make a good picture." She wasn't concerned that we weren't capturing the EVENT for memories, she wanted a picture of her FOOD arrangement.
For those of you who fail to see the humor in this story, take a minute and look at my husband's blogs, right here. Look for the pictures....Very sad....

Next Step in Getting Relevant

I've taken another step in the getting Relevant! We've had a Netflix subscription, but basically Brian was picking out the movies he wanted to see, and sometimes a "family" movie. So this week we increased the number of movies we get at a time and I now have my own queue with things like Eragon, Jump In, and Ground Hog Day (yeah, I know that one's old, but someone keeps telling me I need to watch it :) ). The kids get their own queue too. If you know any "hot" kids movies coming out these days let me know and I'll add them to my list.