Tuesday, December 05, 2006

People Power

Doing life with a mobile church definitely makes some interesting moments...make that some interesting hours, both before and after Sunday experiences. It can be hard work, it can get in the way of "my" schedule, but NEVER once have I thought "It's not worth this". To be able to create exciting environments for kids (and adults) to learn about God and worship Him in is one of the coolest things around. Every Saturday night a team takes a boring school cafeteria and turns it into an exciting place for kids and their parents to come on Sunday morning. Then Sunday afternoon we get to carefully pack things away, to be ready for next week, and turn that great place back into a boring cafeteria :).
This transformation of space can take several hours, and often does. But this past Sunday we had some incredible help! Staging was taken down, tables were moved in, chairs put out, the trailer loaded up, all in under one hour and everyone seemed to have fun while they were doing it. It's amazing what a group of people can do when everyone pitches in and we all work together!
So, if you were one of my helpers this week, THANKS!!! You showed cooperation (last month's virtue) and compassion (this month's virtue), and made a really important task a lot of fun!
If you weren't able to stay and enjoy this opportunity last week, consider doing so this week. You might be pleasantly surprised by the impact you can have to change lives!