Thursday, October 02, 2008

Calling all Movers!

I am having a moving party on Saturday from 9am - 2pm. Everything (almost) is packed and ready to be loaded into our relo-cubes which will be arriving tomorrow (Friday). So bring your muscles and help me move my house into a couple little boxes! Don't feel strong? There's always cleaning and touch up painting to do! Pizza is on me (for lunch - not breakfast!)
My address is 7690 Butler Ct. - Check out google maps or mapquest for directions. Or give me a call 270-0538.
If we don't get done on Saturday (cause I have to quit early for a Kid Crossing/Fusion volunteer kick off) we'll finish up Sunday afternoon, so check in with me Sunday AM if you couldn't make it Saturday.
See ya soon!

My Last Official Sunday is 10/5

I'm pretty sure most everyone has heard by now, but I am moving to Colorado. My last Sunday and last official day of employment at Crossroads is this Sunday 10/5. If you're around this week take the trek to the Kid Crossing end and say "Hi" and "Goodbye". I hear there's gonna be cake!
Brian's been in Denver since Labor Day. So the kids and I are definitely ready to join him. We will head out either Tuesday or Wednesday and drive to Kansas (where my in-laws live). Just me, 2 kids, one dog, 4 cats and 14 exciting! We will spend a few days in KS (Topeka), and I will make a small side trip to Chicago to run the marathon leaving the kids with the grandparents. We will head to Denver the following Tues. or Wed.
Hopefully I'll have more time to blog after the move, so will try to keep you updated for as long as you care to follow!