Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jeremiah 29:11

There are two passages of scripture that I have been claiming and thinking about this past week. The first is Jeremiah 29:11. This one I've actually been holding onto for the last several weeks. It is, "For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disastor, to give you a future and a hope." In the last 8 months I have often wondered what God's plans were, especially since about February. The only thing that has kept me sane sometimes in the last month has been remembering this verse. Knowing that whatever God's plans are, they are for good, and not for disaster (which is what they tend to seem like from my vantage point at times).
Earlier this week I read the whole chapter (Jer. 29) to get a better context of what whas happening. Then I REALLY started to feel connected to this verse. The Isrealites were in exile and God was promising them that he would free them from exile and bring them home. I can definitely say that I feel like I'm in exile! While I'm not sure where our "home" will be in the next 5 years, I have renewed my faith that God will lead us and put us where he wants us, and that he will give us a home, not just a house, but an area someday that we can call home again. (And I suppose that could even be Florida, but at this point in time, it's not at the top of MY list.)
I also discovered in reading this chapter that the verses following 11 are very significant as well. In Verses 12 - 14 God promises that those who seek Him will find him. That He'll listen to our prayers. He will restore our fortunes and bring us home. These are the verses that I have been praying over and claiming this last week.
And it's amazing. God is working to give us a great house. His plans, His timing, not mine. And while all the details and a signed contract are still in the process, God is giving us a hope and a future.
Later, (maybe tomorrow) I'll write about the other portion of scripture that has impacted me this week.

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